Seo Audit Guide

We have designed these audits to give you some meaningful information around your specific website when considering an SEO program, without over-whelming you with pages and pages of information. The information is summary, a snapshot of your websites current search engine visibility.

The 5 Sections of the SEO Audit explained

1. On Page SEO Analysis

This part refers to SEO Issues with our site. We use Raven Tools to generate this information. More information about Raven Tools can be found here:

We continue to update our seo analysis, reports and techniques according to the latest SEO updates and technologies.

It is important to note that everything here is in respect to SEO. It is not a comment or our opinion of the website itself, the design, or even the ability to convert. It is only reflective of the website’s compatibility within an SEO campaign.

2. Off Page SEO Analysis

This section of the audit takes you through the Off-Page SEO elements of the website. Here we look at the way Google looks at the website, its authority and the way it relates to the wider internet. This section includes links and link building.

This is an important element of the audit as off-page SEO is typically where most of the work is required in a long term, robust SEO strategy.

Research has been carried out through Industry Leading Tools like AHREF, Majestic SEO, Moz!

3. Keyword Research & Rankings

In this section of the report, we look at industry keywords. The data we offer here includes traffic volumes (so you can see the value of certain keywords), competition analysis (so you can see difficulty in achieving page 1 results) and the current ranking of the website in the top 10 pages of Google.

Research is conducted through Google Keywords Tool & SME Rush!

4. Top Priority Keywords

In the this section, we recommend some keywords based on what we think will add quick and then lasting value to your website, in an SEO program. These are recommendations and need to be reviewed, to ensure relevancy to your business goals.

5. Final Remarks

This final section of the audit gives some general tips around SEO. These should be treated as general information, and may not be necessarily treated as change recommendation to your website.

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